Thursday, 7 January 2010

Arctic Expedition

Hello again from a snow covered Manchester. I did have the bonus of a day off again yesterday but I had an annoying headache for most of it, hence the lack of bloggyness. I woke up to a phone call from the dentist at 7am who said she was going to attempt to drive in and would pick me up on the main road at 8am. I got ready for the snow with my hiking boots and gaiters and set off on my Arctic expedition :) It's so lovely walking in snow (apart from when people throw a bucket of water out their door in -17 temps-hello ice rink). My new winter love today is icicles. I don't think I've ever seen any as amazing as the one's I've seen today. These were the first I spotted,
and these were on the pub I waited outside.
It looks like something out of Disney :) We made it to work and I got to see minty again. He was covered in a lovely blanket of snow but still didn't want to start (love the colour of the sky in this one).I called out the AA again and the nice man said minty needs a new coil (didn't realise he was on birth control) and that he could tow me to a garage but they would charge me £200! He said we could buy the part and fit it ourselves for £40 so obviously that's what we decided to do. Brian rang a scrappy and they've got one for £20 so even better! Brian's going to get his car sorted tomorrow and then hopefully sort out minty. We only had about 4 or 5 patients turn up so we went home at 1 o'clock (I could get used to this) but I decided to walk as I needed to go to Tesco for supplies. It was such a lovely walk. I took so many picture but I'll share my fav's. This is the best I could get of the hills with my phones camera, they also look pretty but now they look amazing,
this is an arty one of a berry bush that looked lovely
and (yay) more icicles on our drain pipe.It's weird how everything looks so nice with snow on. I can't stop looking out the window. The photo's just don't seem to do it justice. I'll be back in tomorrow but only for the morning again. It looks like we'll probably be cancelling the chicken keeping course this weekend as we may not have a car and it's probably not worth driving out in the snow but there should be another one we can book on to soon. I'm pretty sure anyone reading this (if there is anyone) is pretty bored of reading about snow now so this is my last snow picture......for today anyway :) I took it from the same place as when I took the picture on this post back in October,

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