Sunday, 10 January 2010

Small steps to big dreams

Hello blog land :) Here I am again. I could blog about our silly cars that have decided still not to work, the many snow covered mile that me and Brian (mainly Brian) have trekked for parts and food, the central heating dying or the trauma of the Christmas tree removal but I won't. As you can tell from that one sentence it would all make for stressful reading and writing so I won't subject you to that. Instead I will blog all about the most exciting thing that is happening right now, our new house! We have just found out that it's all gone through OK and we should start renting on the first of Feb (hooray!). And here it is....
The main thing we love about it is the space. All the rooms are lovely and big which makes a change from the 2 bed flat we're in now. It was fine for Brian in his bachelor days but now with Hayley and me moving in and Cal being there a lot of the time it's a bit of a squish to say the least! This really feels like the first step on the road to our small holding. It may be a long way off but every little step makes it seem more real. Our new house now gives us the room for chickens, fruit and veg and even has the massive bonus of a mature apple tree that I'm so looking forward to getting our hands on :) You can see it here with the bench under which I'm sure we'll spend many an evening on.
We are planning on spending about a year here at the moment and then will look at buying our own place so that when our saving plan ends in 5 years we'll also have the equity in a house hopefully to give us the best chance of finding the perfect farm house and land. We are seeing the next five years as a good opportunity to learn as much as we can about small holding and running a B&B before we jump into the deep end. Our friends and family are helping loads already with brilliant books and hopefully the chicken keeping course next week will be the first of many courses. I'm really glad I've started this blog now as a diary of our trials and tribulations on the way to our dream.

The picture I'll leave you with today is a reminder of summer in the middle of all this snow. Brian took it at the camp we go to every May and September with 60 others. It's probably in my top 5 favourite places in the world. Brian is stood outside our tent when he took the pic of me having a conversation with the cows over the stream between us. I can't wait to be back there again.


  1. Hello!! What a lovely little blog you have - i'll have a bit of a catch up later.

  2. Hi Sparkly Bubble, it's lovely to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. Your journey towards a smallholding sounds really exciting. I'm looking forward to following how it all goes. Sending all good wishes for a magical 2010.

  3. The house looks great, and the garden is too!! Really look forward to how your home progresses in the next few months!! How exciting!!
    Look forward to seeing your next post : )

    Sharon xx

    PS You're welcome to join my giveaway!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and for taking the time to read right through it. I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed reading it. When I first started writing it, it felt like shouting into the dark and not knowing if anyone could hear me! You actually prompted me to go back and read it from the beginning again, which I hadn't done before. I made myself laugh! It's great to hear you've started knitting. I find it really therapeutic, and sit and chill out with a knitting bag, a cup of tea and a bit of tv! I'm living the dream! I'm loving exploring being creative, and am really excited to follow your journey. I hope you're having a fab day.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I'm passing on a blog award to you. Pop by my latest blog post to pick it up. :)