Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I love snow!

Well I guess the finger crossing on my last post worked as it's 2 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon and I'm at home :) Yes I woke up to the biggest snowfall I think I have ever seen!We must have had at least 8-9 inches overnight on top of what was there already. It looked amazing as it had all built up on the tree branches. I knew I wouldn't be in work as the dentist hates driving in snow and lives on a hill and most of the patients wouldn't come in anyway. I was actually up and awake earlier than normal as I was so excited about the snow. I checked with my boss at 7.30 that we weren't going in and then settled down to watch Moulin Rouge with Hayley in the warm.

Brian knew his boss would be in so he decided to walk to work as he thought it would be easier and he was right!
There were car's abandoned everywhere apparently. He did get some lovely pictures in the park though,
and some before anybody had walked through, I love fresh snow:)He was sent back home at 12.30 so we've been taking the Christmas decorations down and doing all the jobs we've been too busy to do. It's still snowing now and has been since last night which I know a lot of people are moaning about but I love it! The only bad things are that we haven't got any shopping in and my car is still at work but never mind. I'm sure we've got some tins in the cupboard.

I had been planning to nip to the shops yesterday lunch time to get myself some knitting needles but minty breaking down meant that didn't happen so I'll have to wait but I can't help thinking it would have been lovely to be sat here knitting whilst the snow fell outside. I'll just have to do a bit of reading up on what I'm going to make first :) I've just looked outside and it's coming down thicker than ever so cross your fingers again and I may just be back here blogging tomorrow :) The picture I'll be leaving you with will actually be a change to the snow as I think there's enough of that on this post already! It's the view from the Poets stone in sheet (Hampshire) which Brian took when we got up to it on Saturday afternoon. I can hardly believe the difference in weather from then and now. Bye for now, hopefully see you tomorrow same time :)

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