Sunday, 24 January 2010

Quite a bit of a catch up...

Well the trouble with not blogging for a few weeks is so much happens in between! There have been ups and down but the downs are the things that make me fed up and a fed up me doesn't want to blog! What i really should be doing is blogging all the good things and that would make everything seem a whole lot rosier :)

The other thing that's been distracting me from writing my own blog is reading everyone elses. It's one of the most addictive things ever! It's like discovering a whole new world of crafting and loveliness and it just goes on a on. The problem is you'll read one lovely blog and spend a while on it getting to know the person and reading their lovely posts and maybe straying over onto one of their links for something yummy (like the new CK spring collection) but then as you excitedly decide this is someone you have lots in common with and click the 'follow' button, you notice they happen to have a list of blogs they enjoy and you stray over onto one of those and the process starts all over again! I think this problem deserves a name. I shall call it bloghopilitus. The other problem with bloghopilitus is you start to worry your blog isn't anywhere near as lovely as everyone else's. I am so excited to have 6 followers now and some great comments but it does make me slightly nervous about what I'm blogging about and whether it's good enough. I'm hoping this is just a beginners issue. I guess I should just carry on writing and hope for the best.

One of the blogs that's really inspired me the last few weeks is Mimi and Tilly. I love her way of looking at the world and the reason for starting her blog. It's make me really think about my own creativity and ways of exploring it. I think that may be a whole new topic for another post though! I have started my crafting with my very first knitting project. My lovely other half surprised me one evening with a pair of knitting needles and some purple wool. I used the utube tutorial I read about in Diary of a Tinyholder and here is the result so far...
This is actually the second attempt after I learnt the technique but I'm still not sure it's going that well. I don't think you can beat having someone with you to show you what to do. I think any other crafts I decide to attempt I may look at having a few lessons first.

Well we are still without cars at the moment. Minty has proved more complicated than first thought so we are focusing on Brian's car first which should be up and running by tomorrow night fingers crossed. The plus side to having no car is that I've been walking to work and back everyday which is about an hour of walking and I'm really enjoying it.

Only a week until we get the keys to our new house now which is so exciting. Brian is looking forward to having the garden and getting things growing. I've never been known for having green fingers (unlike my mum) but I thought if we're planning on living off the land eventually I'm going to have to green up a bit. Brian says it's all down to confidence so I'd like to introduce you to Mabel,
She was a bargain 17p and looked very neglected when I first got her but I'm pleased to report most of those flowers you see are new. My fingers have a greenish tinge already :)

Whilst on the subject of flowers, Brian bought me a lovely colourful bunch yesterday which make me think of summer every time I look at them...
There were a few extra buds which i couldn't bring myself to throw away so i searched for a suitable small vase and Brian came up with his whiskey glass and I think they look lovely. I do think I might look for a proper mini vase...or maybe I could make one? Hmmm?
Today we have had a nice day relaxing. Cal had his first football match since the beginning of November early this morning and me and Brian have just got back from a slightly soggy walk feeding the ducks in the park. There where some greedy geese...
and some pecking pigeons...
and then we took a stroll around the hot house where there were some lovely looking flowers...
and even some monkeys :)I shouldn't really tease him as he is currently cooking a lovely Sunday dinner with a Jamie Oliver recipe we had to try after seeing the picture...Yes that is a beer can and yes it is placed somewhere slightly uncomfortable. Here is our version pre-cooking,and Brian is roasting some red onions with home made rosemary and garlic butter which look amazing even before they're cooked!I think that's quite enough blogging to be going on with for now. I think my bloghopilitus is playing up again :) I'll leave you with a picture of another one of my favourite places, the long man of Wilmington on a warm summers day.


  1. Bloghopilitus is such a good word :)

  2. Hello again! Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments about my blog. I am very flattered and touched by your support. I can totally relate to your self doubt around your blog. I felt exactly the same way when I began, and still do! I just know that the more I put myself out there and the more positive feedback I got from lovely people like yourself, the easier it got! I spend heaps of time looking at and reading through other people's blogs and have a severe case of Bloghopilitis! I don't want to be cured though, as I find it heaps of fun to be afflicted! Sending smiles. Emma

  3. Great blog! Can totally relate to what you say about bloghopilitis!! I keep doing that at the moment. Hence the reason why i'm behind on my blog posts. But like you say, its so much fun reading other peoples blogs! :)