Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Well it's been nearly a week since my last blog and I've lost track of where I am in the week really? Lots of things have been going on in all departments including the cooking and job ones (also a large amount of stressing over making my blog pretty!). Where to start? Well I guess I should start at the begining but thats far to normal. I'll start with the most exciting instead. After searching for aaaages, Callum (Brian's son) let us know yesterday that his best mates mum (who happens to be a dentist) has a Dental Nurse job going. It's only part time but it's better than nothing at the moment. I dropped my CV in today and got a call about an hour later offering me an interview tomorrow! It's great news but I've started panicing about it already, at least I haven't got ages to worry!

On to other news. In the cooking side of the blog this week me and Cal attempted our own pizza's at the weekend. We cheated a little bit by buying bread mix flour so it had the yeast in it already and we just had to add water but we still had to let it rise and mold it etc. Cal had the great idea of stuffed crust (my fav) so we put cheese round the edge and folded the dough over. I topped mine with tuna, red onion, mushrooms, basil and cheese and Cal went for Chicken tikka, pepper, onion, mushroom, cheese, basil and anything else edible in the kitchen :)
Here they are before cooking with mine on the left and Cal's on the right,
and here they are after cooking. They were yuuuuuummy!
Cal's was voted the best. I'm still waiting for a re-count (his was pretty good though). The afternoon before the pizza making me and Brian went out for a walk in the peaks and I managed to get a few pictures of my photo shy fiance. This is one of my fav's.I'm not so shy about having my picture taken. This is me showing off my amazing new raincoat (essential up north) with cool flowers all over :)
I still love going out in the peaks. There are so many amazing views. I'll leave you with one of them for now as I need to start making tea in time for Brian coming home from college. Bye xx

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