Thursday, 24 September 2009

Back from the South

Well I just got home an hour ago after spending a few days downs south with the family as my Grandparents have flown over from New Zealand for my Great Granny's funeral. I haven't seen them for 6-7 years. We had a great day at the Spinnaker tower in Gunwharf on Monday after a really yummy meal at the Customs house pub. The picture below is of my sister displaying my parents and grandparents at the top of the tower. I'd forgotten how good it is up there and how amazing the views are. I think it's even cooler because I lived down there for a while so I recognise so much stuff.
My Grandparents left my parents house Wednesday morning but I stayed down to see Nikki that evening and we had a proper girly night watching a chic flick and eating a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough ice cream, yummmmmmy!

Today Celene had a gap between lessons at college from 11.00am to 3pm so I went and picked her up and we decided to decorate my car with some decals I've had for ages. They look so cool!!! I'm really enjoying this blogging and keep taking photos for it so I stopped at the M6 services tonight and took pic's of my funky car.This is my favourite bit with the daises and bee. Think I'm going to get some more flowers.
After grooving up my car we had lunch. I had a random urge for french toast despite never having made or eaten it before. I also decided I knew how to make it even though I'd never read the recipe. 'How hard can it be?' I though (you know this is going to go horribly wrong don't you). So I cut myself a large chunk of hedgehog bread-my favourite (no hedgehogs were harmed in the making of it) and then whisk an egg in a bowl and then soak the bread in it. I did wonder if I should butter the bread but I thought the egg wouldn't stick. I also made sure all the egg was soaked up (this may be where I went wrong). I then fried it but very soon after placing it in the pan, I started to have suspicions that it was all going horribly wrong. What I ended up with can only really be described (in Celene's words) as an 'omlette bread' and, of course, here is a picture.
I then took a look at what Celene was making - a tuna and cheese toasted sarnie and decided to go for that instead.but mine obviously had to be a bit different so I tried a blob of sweet chilli sauce-
and it tasted amazing! I think it looks pretty good too :)
and here is jessie waiting for her share as usual. She really would win the most persistant dog award!Well I'm not sure anyone is really going to be interested in 'what I had for lunch' but never mind. I'm enjoying wrtting this blog a lot more than I ever have a diary so I'll just keep going for the moment. My journey home was pretty long (5 and a half hours) but uneventful. There was a lovely sunset for ages though which I got to watch. Nature is so cool and pictures never do it justice but I did try so I leave you with my attempt.Better get off to bed, night night x

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