Saturday, 19 September 2009

My first ever blog!

Well here it is, my first blog! My master plan was to start this as I moved up to Manchester but after much procrastinating of 'how should it look?' and 'what should I write about?' here I am a month and a half after moving with no blogs! Today I have decided to bite the bullet and just start waffling really. My plan is really to have this blog so people back down south can see what I'm up to and also any family any where else in the world. Knowing me i'm probably going to be a sparadic blogger at best with some weirdly questionable content but you never know, I might amuse a person now and again.

I don't know how this blog will come out when I post it but I think there should always be a picture so I'm going to include a picture of my amazingly yummy (if I do say so myself) Hobgoblin and red onion toad in the hole-the beginnings of my cooking blog :)

I've started this blog as I start all my new projects, with multiple random ideas about where it will go. The current mix of ideas is somewhere between a diary/cooking blog/ranting post/craft page/fairy land so who knows where it will end up! I'm not going to do the 'who I am bit'. Partly because i can't be bothered and partly because the only people who will probably be reading this will know me any way. So, what should todays subject be? Hmmm...? There are quite a few things going on but I'll be here forever if I write about all of them so I guess I should pick one? I think I will pick telling you about mine (and Brian's) new hobby idea. As you may know my hobbies tend to change on a fairly regular basis. This isn't, as some people tend to think, because I get bored easily. It's normally because I think of something I want to do e.g. holistic therapies, I then do it and then move on to the next thing. (Ok, maybe I get bored easily too).

Anyway (I really can ramble can't I?) as you may or may not know, me an Brian tend to go to a lot of camps where they often have markets where people can sell their home made bits and bobs. Brian had the brilliant idea a little while ago of growing lots of herbs and plants to sell as seedlings as he's so green fingered. I've been thinking for a while about what I want to do. It was someone at a camp who gave me the idea. She said how she was looking forward to Autumn so she could start making preserves. After moving in with Brian I've been feeling quite domesticated what with all the cooking and cleaning (hence possible cooking blog) and I really fancy some good old fashioned homely crafts like making jams and chutneys. We also fancy making some mead and wine. All this also links in with our long distance future plans of running foraging courses at our B&B. I'm also considering soap making and anything else that feels quite W.I.-ish.

As with any plan we're making at all at the moment, it's going to have to wait until we have a bigger place. That really has turned into a very annoying motto at the moment-'when we get a house'. Everything is hinging on me getting a job at the moment (no pressure!) but as I keep saying, 'we'll appriciate it more when we get it'. I do think this blog will also follow my failing attempts at getting a job too.

Think thats it for now. I'm off to enjoy a nice cozy, lazy, rainy day in the house with everyone, chilli and wedges for tea, yum yum :) Bye for now!

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