Sunday, 25 April 2010

New House and Blaze Farm

Ok, so the 'get all my catch up posts done in one week' plan didn't go so well and here I am bursting to tell you my exciting news but with a back log of info to tell you. I'm going to combine two posts in one today, our new house and Blaze farm. Tomorrow will be my birthday surprise (as long as Brian remembers to bring the lead for his phone home for pics). So first I'll tell you lovely people all about the wonderful Blaze Farm. It was one weekend after moving house and me and Brian had been busy for weeks on end so we decided we needed a break. We still had no Internet so I used Brian's phone to do a quick search for farms in the Peak and found Blaze farm in google. It was a lovely drive out through beautiful high peak countryside to the farm. It's such a lovely place with gorgeous views around it even on a dull day.
It was a brilliant place for me and Brian to visit and learn from. It was originally a dairy farm and as most of you probably know, the dairy farming industry isn't doing too well over here so the farmers have two choices-diversify or close. Blaze farm has chosen to diversify and has done it so well they've won awards. It's a really clever set up that me and Brian hope to copy in the future. You drive into the farm and then wonder around the cleverly laid out farm yard with sign posts pointing you to barns with plenty of gorgeous baby animals to look at and stroke like this gorgeous little lamband these pretty little calves,
you can then go for a stroll around the nature walk and pond (it was a bit windy but it was March to be fair).and the best part of it is it's all self directed, no staff needed. After all that you can head in to the farm shop for some of their amazing Hilly Billy ice cream or the tea rooms for some lovely home made scones, Mmmm. They also have a pottery painting shop for kids and adults and a function room to hire. All in all a lovely little place to put a smile on your face...Oh yes, I've dyed my hair red and purple too :) Right, you still with me? On to news of the new house. Well we're loving it here, especially the space. We were almost sorted inside the house with only a few boxes left when Mr. Sunshine came along and tempted us outside so we've done a bit more in the garden than the house at the mo (hence the lack of indoor pics) So here is the new house with one of the shiny new cars,
and here is the view from the top of the stairs.This is the corner of the garden I've adopted and did my first proper bit of gardening on. Most if the borders are over grown with brambles so the main mission was to clear them first.
I think I did quite well for an afternoons work,I've realised I'm here telling you about the new house but I have a definite lack of indoor photos. That will need to be sorted out. I do have this pic of some groovy window stickers I have on the loo window :)Think that's enough today. My bed is calling me and I'll be to tempted to start telling you the exciting news if I stay any longer. I'll leave you with a sunset from the hall window.

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  1. Your hair looks gorge, I love the farm, and the views from your new home are fantastic! Good for you! You are walking the path to your dreams and I think that is amazing. xxxx