Wednesday, 21 April 2010


For the first of my catch up blogs I'm going to start with the saddest. On the 5th of February my lovely Jessie had to be put down. There is no way I could write a post that would explain what an amazing dog she was and only other dog people will truly understand how it feels to lose her.
Jessie was a rescue dog but not in the normal sense. She belonged to a friend of a friend who had her from a puppy till she was 7 and gave her up because they we're divorcing and moving to flats.
I was aware they didn't really look after Jessie particularly well but had no idea of the extent to which she was mistreated as I'd only been to their house once, but that's all it took to fall in love with her, she was that special kind of dog.
I don't really want to go over the state she was in when we got her in too much detail, flee infested, hairless, petrified, half her weight, malnourished among other problems. I want to remember her for the gorgeous, loving, crazy dog she was. The pictures are in time order and hopefully the change you can see in her speaks for itself.
We were only lucky enough to spend a year and a half with her and I wish we could have spent longer making up for the bad times but hopefully it was enough.
Jessie had more love for everyone she met than any dog I've know and was a complete flirt with men :) she discovered passions for cheese, brioche and pretty much anything else that was bad for her with us. She had her own way of giving out her special Jessie kisses and hugs when you'd been away long enough for her to miss you (about a day).
She had so many funny quirks that made us giggle such as refusing to wee in the back garden if the grass was longer than 2 inches, spinning in circles to wipe her nose on the (cream) carpet after tea, putting on her most hard-done-to face when being bathed, falling off sofas and beds constantly because she expected you to catch her and so many other comedy moments.
I'm glad she didn't have to suffer for long at the end and happy that she is now with my Great Nan eating cheese mountains and running in fields of short grass. I will always miss my jelly belly bean and can't wait to see her again one day and get my kiss and hug xxx


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss of Jessie. I can totally understand your sadness. The pictures of Jessie are completely gorgeous. I love the one of her in glasses. Sending a big hug, Emma. x

  2. She was so gorgeous! How dreadful that people would treat a dog so badly. She was blessed to have found a good home with you! :-)