Sunday, 27 December 2009

New year, new look, new blogs (hopefully!)

Well I'm finally back after my 2 months blogging drought. As predicted by many, my blogging took a bit of a back seat after a while when things got busy but I've spent the last few days looking at some other blogs and have become re-inspired, hence the new look! I'm not even going to bother promising to blog a certain amount at the mo. I think I am just a sparadic blogger at heart. Lots has happened since my last blog. If I start explaining it I'll waffle on for ages so as a way of keeping myself brief I'll put it all into bullet points :)
  • Started working at the dental practice (good)
  • Went to cottage on Alpaca farm in Scotland for Brian's 40th (very good)
  • Found a house and moving at the end of Jan (very very good!)
  • Celene had her operation and all went well
  • Had a lovely Christmas
  • It snowed...lots!
There has probably been lots more but never mind. Two of the most exciting things about the house we are moving too is that it has lovely apple tree and I can keep chickens!!!! Me, Brian and Cal are booked onto a chicken keeping course in two weeks which I'm sooo excited about!!

Think today is just a mini 'get back into blogging' blog so thats it for now. Will leave you with a lovely picture of the snow xxx

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  1. The snow is beautiful. Strange how it works. We have the TIME to blog because not much is really happening. Then things really HAPPEN and hence, no time to blog about it! There is tons of info about keeping chickens on the internet too! I love