Sunday, 11 October 2009

Who ate all the pies?

Hey! Me again :) only blogged yesterday but I thought I'd have a go at shorter, regular blogs so here we are. Today was a mixture of cooking and brownie crafting for me. Brian was up early to take Cal off to football (which his team won 2-1!) so I had a lovely lye in while they were out getting cold and soggy. Once I was up I started on cooking a lovely Beef and Ale pie. It's a Jamie Oliver special which we love. We've tried it with a potato topping and a dumpling topping so today we decided to go with a pastry top. I fried off celery, carrot and onion with 4 bay leaves for 10 mins and then added some cubed beef, a table spoon of flour along with a whole bottle of guiness and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Then it all went into the oven for 3 hours. When it was all lovely and cooked I added a puff pastry topping and put it back in the oven for half an hour and here is the end result. It was reeeally yummy :)
While the stew was busy cooking away Brian and me went to the local ASM (Asian Supermarket). It was a brilliant place with so much stuff to look at. They had some chutney's to try. I picked the papaya and lime one and Brian tried chilli and lime. They were both so yummy we got a jar of each. I also bought some diva lamps to show the girls for when they make there own along with some really pretty bangles which I have wrapped up and put into bag I decorated for a game I have planned. Here's a picture of them. Hopefully the girls will like them.
My main plan was to get some Diwali sweets for the girls to try. I looked around the supermarket but couldn't really see any which I thought was weird. Then I noticed a window through to a little shop next door where they had a whole giant deli of sweets! I went round and I really couldn't pick which ones to get as they all looked so nice so the lovely guy let me try lots of them :) You can see in these pictures the diva lamps in the middle with the sweets either side and my decorated prize bag. The other picture shows the sweets which I'm sure we'll enjoy eating :)

I think this blogging daily is working pretty well and doesn't fill my brain up to much with things to remember :) I think today I'll leave you with a nice picture Brian took when we were driving home a while ago of some low cloud in a valley at sunset. Night xxx

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